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Lacrosse is a major thread in the fabric of Brampton's, and indeed Canada's heritage, with records indicating that the game has been played in our community since the 1860's; making it the oldest minor lacrosse association in North America. We offer recreational and representative Lacrosse programs in Box Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse  for both boys and girls ages 3 to 20. 

The Mission of the  Brampton Minor Lacrosse Association is to...

Develop team players and a person's character by having affordable fun, fostering a socially responsible and safe environment of inclusive sport that represents the diversity of our city.


Lacrosse in Brampton has had a rich and enduring history. Building on Canada’s aboriginal roots, lacrosse emerged in Brampton in the 1870s and has become an important ingredient of Brampton’s distinctive character. The Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse Club was officially formed in 1871.  In 2020, The Excelsiors will be celebrating their 150th anniversary, making it the oldest continuously run sports organization in North America.

2020 McCauley Fantasy Tournament

To All Teams, 

The past 2 months has been a very unprecedented time for all of us and we truly hope everyone is safe and keeping well as that is paramount. 

The John “Gus” McCauley Memorial Tournament is part of the foundation in minor lacrosse tournaments and a large piece in history to many of the lacrosse world. We have coaches who once played in the event and have made this one of the high points of their season to compete in what we believe is the best tournament in the province. To us in Brampton and also the McCauley family we look forward to honoring John and his contributions to this great support with this event each and every year and sharing that legacy with everyone that is part of the event. 

This was to be our 28th year hosting this great event and as many of you know one of if not the hardest tournaments to gain entry. We had much of the work in hosting completed including the schedule which was going to be released this week. In the spirit of the event, to honor John and to have some fun and we plan to have this year’s event to be a “fantasy” tournament. We will be reporting scores throughout the weekend as we would through our Twitter @BMLA1943 so players, coaches and families can follow along as they would if we were having the event live and at least make this a lacrosse weekend during our social isolation. We, both as a Tournament committee and the McCauley family, feel that having this fantasy weekend we can have some fun, have something to follow along with over the weekend that makes us happy and also continue to host the event. We encourage you to share the schedule, our details on the “fantasy” weekend and have your players and families follow us for the May 29 – 31 weekend on Twitter. 

See you in 2021! 

Chris Lowe 


Brampton Minor Lacrosse Association


We will continue to monitor the current situation alongside the City of Brampton and/or the OLA and will continue to make changes on our site as necessary.  Please review our social media platforms and our website for all updates.

A message from our President... **May 28th 2020 update**

May 28, 2020 To our Membership, On behalf of everyone in the Brampton Minor Lacrosse Association, I would like to first hope and wish you and your family is safe and practicing social distancing during this pandemic. We are working closely with our governing body, the OLA and City of Brampton officials to determine some criteria and what that may or may not look like before a final decision is made regarding the box season. Our plan is to have a decision the week of June 8th if not sooner and then communicated to our membership. As has been our practice to date once a cancellation is confirmed we will be issuing 100% refunds as we as an Executive believe in this and will continue on the path. The overall impact at the end if all seasons are cancelled will be well over $10,000 for cost associated with registration, software, credit card fees and other administration fees we have no control over although some have been reduced through the OLA. This pandemic is unchartered territory for everyone from the governments, the governing body, the clubs, parent s and players and with no history each step has taken time to evaluate, discuss, re-evaluate and then administer and your patience and understanding that all is being done in the best interest of our membership is appreciated/ We can only hope we will back to a normal way of life in the coming weeks and we hope to have everyone back playing this great game when it is safe to do! Stay safe and hoping to see everyone soon!

Yours sincerely,

Chris Lowe

President Brampton Minor Lacrosse Association


We are encouraging all BMLA athletes to partake in this challenge... please click on the link for details


Please take a quick read... all activities halted until April 6th under the direction of the OLA and BMLA







    The City of Brampton Sports Alliance

    The Brampton Sport Alliance (B.S.A.) provides a voice for youth sports groups and a forum for these groups to share solutions to common problems and challenges facing volunteer-based youth sport organizations. The B.S.A. represents 22 affiliated minor sport organizations.


    The primary goal of youth sports in the City of Brampton is to help youth find success in sport, which makes them feel valued and wanted. Every child can be successful in one sport or another.

    Ron Evans

    Sponsorship Coordinator

    Chris Lowe

    McCauley Tournament Director and BMLA President