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House League Box


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REGISTER NOW FOR 2020 HOUSE LEAGUE So it is official... the dates for box lacrosse house league play have been released! We will be hosting our House League nights on Tuesdays starting on April 28th 2020 and ending on June 23rd 2020. There will be a Tournament of Champions on the June 26th-June 28th weekend that all house league teams will take part in. Please don't forget to register before March 15th 2020 to take advantage of the early bird special! Please see our registration portal under the Box Lacrosse tab. Any questions about registration please email #isitlaxseasonyet


The recreational house league program introduces players, parents, and coaches to the fastest game on two feet and provides ongoing participation opportunities.

Over 400 participants suit up in 8 divisions from the Peanut level (age 4) through to the Intermediate level (up to age 21).

Tournament play includes the Weekend Of Champions which is held at the end of the season at the end of June. This event is to celebrate improvements and accomplishments at both a personal and team level.

The recreational level house league is conducted in the spirit of cooperative competition with no personal statistics and no team standings. The house league program is based on the following core values and beliefs that are permanent and unwavering.


Recreational house league lacrosse is a 6 man team game dedicated to the encouragement of effective involvement of all stakeholders in this great game. It is our belief that effective teams engage the talents of individual people while encouraging team growth and development.


We have no greater asset than the people who participate in this sport, be they player, coach, referee or parent volunteer. We believe that demonstrating respect for the uniqueness of every individual builds confident, creative and competent people possessing a high degree of initiative, self-respect and self-discipline.


Sustained success in sport, as in life, is based on our ability to continually improve the quality and quantity of opportunities to participate in stimulating and challenging physical activities.


We are committed to continually exceed the expectations of our players, parents, coaches, referees and other stakeholders in providing a happy, healthy and safe environment for all participants in our recreational house league lacrosse program.

It is our ultimate hope that by participating in this great game, our players will become better people, better sportspersons, better team mates, and better citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are teams balanced?

Teams are put together based on ratings from the previous season, the amount of experience players indicate on their registration forms and the year they were born. The house league co-ordinators collect the gamesheets for the first 3 – 4 weeks of the season. A meeting is held with the coaches of each division and together they try to balance the teams. If a team practices on a regular basis, the players will improve over those who don’t practice, some players pick up the game quicker than others. These kinds of things effect how well the team will do over the course of a season.



Lacrosse is Truly a Family Affair!

"Lacrosse is truly a Family Affair"

There are many great families involved in our game, and each of them devote so much time and effort to ensure their children get to and from games on time, respect their opponents and the game. Here is one such family that does just that and more.
Pictured above are the Sandhu Family. Dad, Kuldeep standing proudly with his Daughter, Pavleen and Son, Lahtaj.
Pavlene has been playing for two years and plays for the Blue Team in the Bantam Division. She says her favorite things about lacrosse is the physical nature of the game and making new friends. "Lots of good people to meet". Her highlight to date is going to last year's provincials as an add on player for the Midget Rep team. Her brother Lahtaj, in his third year, competes in the Novice Division for the Blue Team. He is the leading scorer on his team and the #2 leading scorer among all Novice Players.....a Star in the making!! Their Dad came to Canada when he was 11 years old and through the years fell in love with the Creator's Game. A love he now passes on to his children. And I am told there is another Sandhu ready to suit up next year, Pavlene and Lahtaj's little sister.
We are pleased to name the Sandhu Family as our "House League Family of the Week".

Ron Evans

BMLA House League Co-Ordinator

Vanessa Kasiulewicz

Box House League Coordinator

2012 Heritage Tournament honours McCauley Family

2012 Heritage Tournament honours McCauley Family