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Girls Field Lacrosse Programs

Mission Statement

The focus of the girls’ field lacrosse house league program is to create an environment which is fun and safe as well as one that provides all the girls with the opportunity to learn and apply the key skills of the game.


Equitable playing time will be emphasized over winning. The girls will be given the chance to play all the positions. All decisions taken by the coaches will focus on this.


Games will be played with each team having the same number of players on the field at a time, taking into consideration adequate subs for both teams.

Why Play the Fastest Game on Two Feet?

Lacrosse is the official national summer sport of Canada. It is played internationally with increasing popularity.  Benefits of playing girl’s field lacrosse:

  • Excellent  cross-training for other sports
  • Healthy lifestyle/exercise
  • Great way to make new friends
  • Self-esteem booster

Girl’s/Women’s Field Lacrosse is a NON CONTACT sport so equipment is minimal:  Lacrosse stick, solid rubber ball, team uniform with kilt or shorts, running shoes or soft cleats, and mouth guard. In addition, goalkeepers wear extra padding, a field goalie helmet/ facemask and carry a larger goalie stick.

Pat O'Toole

Girls Field Coordinator

The Origin of Women's Lacrosse

The origin of women’s lacrosse can be traced back to the Indians of North America who played a form of the men’s game in their preparation for battle.

However, it was not until the mid-19th century that the English first played a unique style of a stick and ball game solely for women. Competing girls’ schools began playing this modern game in the 1860’s. Many of the general rules of play in those first games resemble those used today

A Message from the OWFL re: Fix for Illegal Shooting String

It has come to our attention that there are some women's field lacrosse sticks that have been sold with incorrect stringing. This was a manufacturing error that has been rectified, but the sticks that have been sold need to be corrected. It is a very simple fix and the following video will show you how to alter the shooting string to make it legal.

Be advised this is an error in both Canada and the US, it is not a matter of an illegal stick, just a stringing error that needs to be fixed.

The video below will help explain this as well.

Director of Officiating, OWFL

Important Stick Info

The following link has the OWFL approved stick list.