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Lacrosse is a major thread in the fabric of Brampton's, and indeed Canada's heritage, with records indicating that the game has been played in our community since the 1860's; making it the oldest minor lacrosse association in North America. We offer recreational and representative Lacrosse programs in Box Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse  for both boys and girls ages 3 to 20. 

The Mission of the  Brampton Minor Lacrosse Association is to...

Develop team players and a person's character by having affordable fun, fostering a socially responsible and safe environment of inclusive sport that represents the diversity of our city.


Lacrosse in Brampton has had a rich and enduring history. Building on Canada’s aboriginal roots, lacrosse emerged in Brampton in the 1870s and has become an important ingredient of Brampton’s distinctive character. The Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse Club was officially formed in 1871.  In 2020, The Excelsiors celebrated their 150th anniversary, making it the oldest continuously run sports organization in North America.

Paperweights are getting ready to return...

What can we say... our paperweight crew continues to prove how dedicated they are to growing the game.  Lead by Coach Johnny MacNeill, these kids are meeting on a weekly basis over Zoom calls.  With some assistance from their parents they were put to the test to design an obstacle course and to create some artwork about what lacrosse is to them... but more importantly share their hard work with their team mates. 

Being on Zoom has helped these kids finally have a chance to see their friends without their masks on.  Coach MacNeill had approached members of the board with an incredible plan to get keep these kids engaged and entertained during a time in which extra curricular activities are at a minimum. 

All of these little athletes have inspired a lot of our members and coaches alike.  We challenge all clubs to try something to achieve similar or better results.  Thanks to Coach Johnny and his staff for their efforts in #growingthegame.  Please check out the link to a recent tweet from Johnny to view some of these kids in action!

"You don't realize how much goes into the game to play it. It's aggressive and skilled - it's a real treat to watch."

Sean Monahan really laid out the law in this article...

His love for the game of lacrosse is very evident and you can really feel his passion for the sport.

There are many alumni and current members and players that share this same passion.  Often it is a challenge to really put into words what the sport has done for any individual.

We encourage all members to not only give this a good read, but to also share this with their kids and young players alike.

Brampton is proud to have had the chance to watch Sean play lacrosse, but also to see what great success he has had thus far in his NHL career.

Please click on the link below to read the full article.


Ontario Lacrosse University is designed to transform the way players, parents, coaches, officials, and lacrosse leaders access information, training and support.


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    The City of Brampton Sports Alliance

    The Brampton Sport Alliance (B.S.A.) provides a voice for youth sports groups and a forum for these groups to share solutions to common problems and challenges facing volunteer-based youth sport organizations. The B.S.A. represents 22 affiliated minor sport organizations.


    The primary goal of youth sports in the City of Brampton is to help youth find success in sport, which makes them feel valued and wanted. Every child can be successful in one sport or another.

    Chris Lowe

    McCauley Tournament Director and BMLA President