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Box Lacrosse Programs

What is Box Lacrosse?

Box Lacrosse (also called Indoor Lacrosse) is a version of lacrosse developed in the 1930's and played on an indoor rink facility with the ice removed. The term "box" refers to the indoor playing area as opposed to the open playing field of Outdoor, or Field Lacrosse. This is the version of lacrosse played by the National Lacrosse League and is popular throughout the world in countries like the United States, the Czech Republic, Scotland, Ireland, England and Australia.

Box Lacrosse plays under a different rule set than Field Lacrosse, has smaller goals that measure 4 ft x 4 ft, and players are subject to a "shot clock" - where players on the attacking team must attempt a shot on a goal within 30 seconds of taking possession of the ball. Games consist of three, fifteen minute periods, with teams changing ends each period.

The BMLA supports two Box organizations: House League and Representative Teams. Please check the menu on the left side.